BTEC Courses

BTEC Media

A BTEC in Creative Media is a perfect choice for students with creative potential.

The following courses aim to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively develop their creative ideas, to support their transition into the creative industry.


  • BTEC Digital Content Production Level 1
  • BTEC Digital Content Production Level 2


BTEC Sports

A BTEC in Sports is most ideal for students who are interested in the more theoretical side of sport and fitness.

Our courses aim to provide learners the skills and confidence needed to transition into a fulfilling, intriguing career. The sport and fitness industry is constantly changing, thus we prioritise preparing our students to have the drive and resilience to adapt.


  • BTEC Sports Coaching Level 1
  • BTEC Sports Coaching Level 2

BTEC Business

In today’s world of business, success is driven by people with the skills to balance satisfying their customers with providing great products and services.

The Certificate is for learners who are interested in developing
business-sector knowledge and skills alongside other fields of study.


  • BTEC Business Administration Level 1
  • BTEC Business Administration Level 2

BTEC Construction

This course provides an introduction into some of the key themes within the construction sector, enabling students to develop and apply their knowledge while also acquiring a range of relevant practical, communication and technical construction-related skills.

This Certificate is aimed at those looking to either improve their existing skills or learn from scratch the skills needed to enter the construction industry.


  • Painting & Decorating Level 1
  • Carpentry Level 1
  • Wallpapering Level
  • Plumbing Level 1
  • Soldering Level 1
  • Electrics Level 1
  • Installations Level 1